Monthly Archives: November 2014

Where in the world is Mary?

Remember that part of Forest Gump where Forest just starts running? And he runs across the U.S with nothing to stop him. Then one day he just stops.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. I started my blog in February and I’ve been running straight through without a miss, twice per week. And last Wednesday I just stopped.

I didn’t mean to stop. But I got really busy and the day got away from me. And today has been pretty much the same. And so I’ve stopped.

But like Forest, I hope it isn’t a permanent stop. And I don’t think it will be. Actually, I’m pretty sure it won’t be.

But I do realize I have to make some changes in my blogging schedule/format that I’ve been putting off.

  1. I’m probably going to change subscription services—hopefully this will be very automatic and require nothing from you. I’ve recently discovered that Feedblitz sometimes routes people to an “advertising” spot in between my blog email and the website. I hope this has not happened to you.
  2. I’m hoping to reroute the posts back to the website—this will require you to click on the email to go automatically back to the site- this will allow you to be able to comment more easily.  Comments create site traffic and this is what search engines look for-
  3. Those are the two big issues and I’ll give you plenty of instructions so it won’t be a hassle for you.


I love writing the blog. I love it more when I hear from people who let me know if it has any impact on you- whether it makes you happy to irritated—but at very least makes you think.

So in the meantime, if you have any comments or feedback, I’d love to hear from you—

I also haven’t really had time to work on growing my blog as I would have liked so I’m counting on readers who enjoy the posts to encourage others to subscribe. Please know that when you recommend someone I truly appreciate your effort.

Hopefully, I’ll be “back” soon.


Best…. And take good care-