Tour my office


I want you to feel comfortable from the moment you enter my  waiting room.  You’ll find a quiet private space. The Keriug machine is stocked with a wide variety of coffee and tea will be  on and ready for you to enjoy a fresh cup.  Once you flip on the call switch, I’ll be out to greet you.  I respect that your time is valuable and I work hard to maintain a timely schedule.  It is rare for me to be more than 5 minutes past our scheduled start time    unless I have notified you.  If it is your first session with me,  you’ll want to arrive about 5 minutes ahead to fill out a little bit of paperwork.






Once inside the main suite, you’ll find a living room like atmosphere to help put you at ease.   If your appointment time conflicts with a meal, feel free to bring something along with you to eat.  There are also several eating establishments within the same complex.



My primary goal when I furnished my office, was to make the room aesthetically pleasing, but in way that promotes an atmosphere of comfortable home-like surroundings.

And I’ve added a few whimsical pieces as well.