Frequently Asked Questions

How long will counseling take?

This varies from person to person. However,   I do work with a more long-term model, because I believe the relationship that we establish will itself become the vehicle for change. I never assume at the onset of treatment how long that will be. I have found that as people begin to develop a sense of safety within the relationship, they are more likely to begin to explore changes in their behavior while having the relationship as a place to process the changes that occur. This type of relationship is usually not built in just a few sessions. However, there are no contracts, and you are always the one who decides how long you need to be in treatment.

Is it covered by my health insurance?

Often services are covered by insurance. If you are not sure, you can call your carrier prior to a session and tell them you are thinking of seeing someone and find out what the limitations are. Keep in mind however, that involving a third party for payment does mean that your records are kept in a database with an attached diagnosis. Also, some insurance companies (particularly managed care) do have the right to dictate the course of treatment and require documentation to ensure that the treatment plan is one they agree with.

How often do I have to come to counseling?

This too, is something that you determine based on your needs. On the average I see people once a week.  When possible, I try to reserve the same time for you each week.

What if I need medication?

We will discuss this during your session. I can refer you to a psychiatrist, or in some cases an internist or family practitioner can prescribe medication for you as well. I will be happy to provide consultation to physicians regarding your treatment at your request.