Scavenger Hunt




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I love a good contest. I love to win things and I’m very competitive. How about you? I’ve been writing a lot about mindfulness and breaking out of your traditional bubble. Now I’d like to go a little crazy with my blog and help you put the words into action with a contest.

To help us with this mission here is what I’ve constructed along with the ground rules.

The contest is available ONLY to subscribers. So if you are a lurker… put your email in the little box that says subscribe, wait for you confirmation from Feedblitz and activate your subscription. You may subscribe anytime up until the contest ends to participate.

This contest is based on the honor system…. So be honorable.

The contest is a scavenger hunt. You find the items and then report back to me with ONE email that details (briefly) your success. Or you can be adventurous and post it directly in the comments section. You must find 10 of the 12 to be complete. I will not announce the winner until the contest period ends. I will not disclose ANYONE’s name publicly on the results, but will incorporate some of the finds into the post concluding the contest. You automatically agree to this by your choice of participation.

The winning prize for the first person who complete 10 with an email or comment is a       20.00 gift card to Bread Co. Yes, its worth the effort so go for it.

Second prize— mystery prize for whatever ends up giving me the biggest smile. And my mystery prizes can be awesome if I get a big smile.


All clues must occur during the contest period Monday 8/4 thru Sunday midnight CST 8/17. So don’t get left behind.

Here are the clues I want you to go find/experience:

The smile of a child – not your own child

The wisdom of a person more mature than you (hopefully not the same as the child above)

A sound in nature you don’t normally notice

The brightness of a star that stands out from the others

Witness an act of kindness

Experience and notice an act of kindness done to/for you

The awareness you are experiencing a peaceful feeling

Perform an act of kindness

Experience a moment of tolerating your imperfection

Awareness of a moment where you consciously select optimism when given a choice

Completing something on your list from DO one Thing list (see post May 14, 2014)

Get someone else to subscribe to my blog (you knew this was coming)

That’s it. Now its your turn to run, play, be kind, and be mindful. On your marks, get set go.